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Dietary Advice
Age Volume of feed & frequency Food article options
0 – 6 months Exclusive Breastfeeding Not Applicable
6 – 12 months

Continue Breastfeeding and start complementary feeds as below:

  • 100gm – three times a day if breastfeeding & 5 times a day if not breast feeding.
Porridge, Thick Dal, Curd/ Yogurt, Animal Milk Khir/ Khichdi, Fresh Fruit juices, Mashed potatoes.
12 months – 2 yrs

Continue Breastfeeding and complementary feeds as below:

  • 150gm – Five times a day
All the above & solid food options like; Bread, Roti, Fruit pulps, Eggs, Shira, Upma.
2 yrs – 5 yrs
  • Breastfeeding to be continued if convenient.
  • Approx. 200gm of food article three to five times a day as per child’s demand.
  • Serve the child individually to assess how much he eats.

All the above items &

  • Use more of items freshly cooked for the other family member as routine diet.
  • Use of peanut & other seeds should be done with caution in view of chocking hazard.
  • Start at approx 6 months, if the child is exclusively breastfeeding till that time, but one could start anytime between 4-6 months if not predominantly breastfeeding.
  • Start with one food per week and keep giving the same food for a week so that the baby develops the taste for the food. After one week if he likes, continue the food and add a new one and if he does not then discontinue and add a new one.
  • Start with 3-4 teaspoons and gradually build to 8-10 tsp by end of one week.
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Frequency of feeding

4-6 months — 1-2 times, 6-8 months — 2-3 times, 8-10 months — 3-4 times, 10-12 months 4-5 times a day cereal based diet and milk should reduce to 2-3 times per day.

Things which need to be avoided

Cows milk as a staple diet, salt, honey which should be given after one year of age.

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